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Jiangmen RSD Machinery Co., Ltd. is the world's leading supplier of marine container automatic production line; the world's leading manufacturer of special containers and container houses; National high-tech enterprise; Municipal engineering technology research and development center.

RSD specializes in designing and manufacturing marine container automatic production line and non-standard equipment. With years of efforts, the company has accumulated extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and technological improving of shipping container automatic production line. Our technology has reached the industry leading level and we have won a good reputation in the Container Industry.

RSD has designed and manufactured automatic material processing lines, automatic parts processing lines, automatic welding line, automatic painting line, automatic line for completion and container test station for CIMC, Maersk Group, Singamas Group, CRRC, Hyundai Group, CNPC, Hangzhou Oxygen Group and other container manufacturing companies. RSD is committed to research and manufacture of industrial automation equipment; with high-quality products and competitive prices to win the recognition of China and the world's giants.

RSD is a leading manufacturer (supplier) of specialized containers and container houses. RSD is committed to provide world-class design and high-quality products. These products include offshore container, military container, waste and recycling containers, container house and flat pack container house. Each management at RSD has more than 20 years of experience in container industry. RSD¡¯s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located close to the world¡¯s busiest ports providing easy transportation access to its customers. RSD¡¯s customers include AOR GROUP, CARGO STORE, SEABA, TIGER, SEMIHER, CONTAINER WORLD and other well-known international enterprises.

RSD¡¯s vision is to be the most reliable and committed manufacturer in the container industry with highest quality products and customer services.

RSD¡¯s mission is to develop and maintain strong relationship with new and existing customers by offering the highest quality products with focus on timely delivery. We are dedicated to provide innovative engineering service with the reliability-focused management with committed production control to exceed customer requirement.

RSD's development is inseparable from your concern and support. We will, as always, follow the ¡®quality first, integrity first¡¯; provide first-class quality, first-class service to return our customer; and to make an effect for the progress of container manufacturing industry.

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